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Bark Out

Bark Out

Natasha Cleeve

Mum to Baloo, the 6 year old Leonberger on the ‘PAWs Ultimate Adventure Retreat VIP package’

‘Thank Goodness PAWs exists!  My very large Leonberger had been reduced to a service that meant one walk a day, with the rest of his time slumped miserably in someone else’s small front room. The most obedient dog in the world suddenly refused to get out of the car when I went to drop him off and at 14 stone, I couldn’t lift him!  It broke my heart, but there was absolutely no alternative. I had to leave him there.

His first day at PAWs I came home to discover a completely different dog! (I use the pick up and drop off service…it’s heaven).  He rushed excitedly up to me and barked and barked, telling me all about his exciting day. He gets to swim most days, hang out with his pals and Keil and Vicky love him (and what’s more it shows).  They send pictures and videos which are lovely to receive when you’re miles away from him and I come home every night to a satisfied and happy dog.  It frees me from the crippling guilt I felt at leaving him alone with people that couldn’t begin to match the care that PAWs provides.  True it’s a bit more expensive, but its a premium service and he gets picked up and dropped off every day. Negligible when I see the effect on his happiness and wellbeing.  Love this place!’


Rob Reed

Proud dad to Bille & Sal on the ‘PAWs Ultimate Adventure Retreat VIP package’

‘The most noticeable thing that has changed with both Bille and Sal is that they have both come out of their shells (Bille especially) since coming to Paws – they seem a lot more friendly to people, although that does not stop them from barking at people on the tow path, but they are getting better.  The fact that they are both so tired when they come home after running around all day at Paws is great for me, as they snuggle up asleep either side of me on the couch – which is good enough on its own, but the added benefit is that I can enjoy the wine collection and watch the evening football matches in peace!!    Sal, although she is only small, because she looks like an Alsatian behaves like one around the much bigger dogs (Nuka and Benson in particular) – it is almost as if she thinks she is as big as them – but has the advantage of being able to crawl under the bottom of the desk if she needs to make her escape.  Oh, and there is less chewed up woodwork around the house!!!  And Sal now plays fetch with her balls!

But one of the most heart-warming factors is just how pleased everyone at Paws is to see each other.  The things that spring to mind are:

1.  The very first time I brought Bille and Sal along to Paws, Baloo (who was the only dog there) ran up to the gate and started whimpering when he saw my two;
2.  Whenever I bring Bille and Sal down, its normally Nuka or Benson waiting, Paws up on the gate, tails wagging, whilst my two are straining at the leash, dragging me into Paws;
3.  Today, the look of joy on Nuka’s face (stuck out of the car window) when he saw Bille and Sal, and then jumping all over them when Keil lifted them into the back seat of the car!’


Stephanie Ollis

Mum to Des & Eve the 5 year old Poodles on the ‘PAWs Adventure Retreat package’

‘Des & Eve love coming to PAWs.  Their tails start wagging as we approach the lane.  They are learning to play with other dogs & enjoy the socialisation that PAWs offers.  It’s peace of mind for me, when I am out all day, knowing that they are so well looked after.  It has taken the guilt out of leaving them.  What treasures we found at PAWs in Vicky & Keil.’


Russell Brown

Dad to Ludo the 5 year old chocolate lab on the ‘PAWs Adventure Retreat package’

‘When I leave my Labrador with PAWs, I do so in the total comfort that not only will he be well looked after but also will have a lot of fun and exercise with Keil and Vicky in what are the best facilities I have ever seen for dog day care.’


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