Have a look below to see what some of our clientele have to say about themselves, their age, breed and their hobbies and habits.

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Our Mutts

Have a look through our gallery to meet some of our clientele. As you will see a wide selection of breeds are already benefitting from the PAWs experience. Our mutts come in all shapes & sizes – from 10 – 89 kilos – short-haired, long-haired – curly haired, it’s a real joy to see them all interacting together & having lots of fun at PAWs.


Dolly – Labradoodle

Dolly Profile

“My name is Dolly!  I am a labradoodle with a lot of bounce and a permanent smile.  I am one year old and my best things in life include pink squeaky balls, licking out yoghurt pots and the banned habit of jumping up to say hello.  I am very curly and on a good hair day I look like a poodle and on a bad hair day I look like a muppet – but a very cute one.  I have just started agility and am learning lots of new tricks.  I give a big high 5 to Paws of Pangbourne as my doggie daycare of choice.  They are very kind and loving to me, it’s a fun place to be with an amazing safe paddock. It’s great socialisation too and as a result I really dig Nuka – he’s my bestie.”



Benson – Dobermann

Benson Profile

‘’I am a Dobermann & am over 3 years old & I am a big softie.   I love attention, ball games & river walkies.  I love food…..’’







Baloo – The Leonberger

Baloo Profile

“I’m a Leonberger.  Everyone thinks I am either a horse or a bear, or at the very least, the biggest dog they have ever seen.  I am 86 kilos so fair enough.  As for me, as long as they take me swimming everyday & let me do ‘’roly roly’’ in the long grass, I’m happy, I love it here..’’






Bille & Sal – Collie Cross

Billie & Sal Final

Bille – “I’m a 2 year old collie cross, and come to PAWs with my twin sister Sal – I’m the quiet one!  I used to be very, very quiet and shy, but since I have been going to Paws I have made lots of new friends and am a lot more outgoing.  My favourite part of the day is cuddling up to my Aunty Vicky on the sofas at Paws after running around the paddock. I’m a 2 year old collie cross.  I look like an Alsatian, and can bark like one too, but I’m only little – although that won’t stop me chasing around the bigger dogs at Paws.  My favourite part of the day is getting my faced washed by Nuka in the morning when my Uncle Keil comes to pick up my sister Bille and I to take us down to PAWs.”



Des & Eve – Standard Poodle

Des Profile

Eve Profile

“Me & my sister Eve love our days at PAWs.  I am sociable & much more obedient than my Sister.  I love trying to catch small animals & although I was bred as a duck hunter, I wouldn’t dream of getting my paws wet voluntarily.’’





Ludo – The Chocolate Labrador

Ludo Profile

‘’My name is Ludo & I am a chocolate Labrador.  I love to play but I am not the brightest.  I love it here because I get to play all day with my friends& I can’t do any damage to myself.  When I get home in the evening, I have the best nights sleep.”







Lennox – Rhodesian Ridgeback

Lennox Final

“I’m Lennox but most people call me Lenny.  I love playing with Nuka and Benson! I may look big and scary but I’m actually a bit softy, who loves nothing more than lying in front of the fire with my family.”






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